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 Line Drying Time Recorder supplier in mumbai

Line Drying Time Recorder Supplier in Mumbai & India

The various stages of drying and curing that occur in films are easy to detect but difficult to define in terms of chemical and Tphysical principles. In order to evaluate them satisfactory, it is necessary to use instrumentation under controlled conditions. Biuged offers a versatile drying time recorder to help quantify the various stages of film curing and drying, deliver reproducible results, and guarantee highest efficiency for Drying Time Recorder Supplier in Mumbai & India
This reliable apparatus to test the drying time or gelation behavior of many paints and coatings, applied onto a glass strip of 330mm 24mm by means of our cube applicator BGD 203 .Hemispherical needles travel on these test tracks, over a selected time 6,12 ,24 and 48 h.
The Drying Time Recorder stages can be easily assessed with the graduation scale according to traverse speed configuration The total time for every test can be observed from the LCD screen.
1. Evaporation of solvent deep pear-shaped impression
2. Sol-gel transition continuous track
3. Surface dry interrupted track
4. Final dry time the needle no longer penetrates the film

Procedure of Drying Time Recorder

--Coat the glass strip using BGD 203 film applicator order separately below
--The drying of the paint starts here. If you prepare multiple panels at different times, note the time when the draw down was made and add it to the time the sample is in the recorder
--Place recorder bridge in starting position and put the strip in place line
--Place needles on the sample strip and select the speed by adjusting the speed switch
--Turn the recorder on the unit will automatically switch off at the end of the test
--Evaluate the results see figure at right