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Our products have been successfully used various fields. The company’s global footprint and the critical nature of its products and services play a key role in expanding its distribution to many countries across the world.

Lab Dyeing Machine (IR Dyeing Machine) Supplier in India

We are the most trusted Lab Dyeing Machine Supplier in India offering a high-quality array of Infrared Dyeing Machine. Laboratory Dyeing Machine in Mumbai variable speed beakers turns helps dying of all types of fabric & yarn samples with all types of dyes.

IR Dyeing Machine Supplier in India. This needs to produce reliable and reproducible example dyeing for the bulk product. Factors which affect the efficiency are temperature control, corruption of container and liquid rate.

We are leading in Infrared Dyeing Machine in Mumbai. Unlike traditional dyeing machines, uses InfraRed heating elements. No unpleasant fumes, gases and noise in the laboratory.