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Automatic Scratch Tester Supplier

Automatic Scratch Tester Supplier in Mumbai

We are into offering quality assured Automatic Scratch Tester Supplier in Mumbai. These Automatic Scratch Tester are in compliance with the national standards determination of paint film resistance to impact and the mechanical construction practical requirement. It operates with the help of a weight, which drops down from a specified height and impacts a painted panel under test for resulting its rapid deformation and the impact film resistance is attained by from observing, whether the film is cracked or peeled We offer Automatic Scratch Tester Supplier in India, which is a motorized apparatus. These testers are dedicated for coating hardness evaluation, which is based on method of scratching resistance. A panels of tests is clamped and moved slowly, while a stylus or alternative tool scratches the surface. To obtain different degrees of failure, from trace to destruction, specified or variable loads can be applied depending on test procedures. A voltmeter helps in indicating the contact of the tool with the metallic sample substrate. Maximum size of the panel is 100 x 150 x 1.6 mm ( 0.3 mm coating)

This machine complies with the following standards:

  • BS 3900
  • E2
  • ISO 1518

Also available, loop stylus version:

  • BS 3900
  • E17/ISO 12137-1. N.B
  • ASTM D5178
  • D2197